MIMS provides the essentials

Essential information from MOVAX

Exclusive dealers for MOVAX in the UK and Ireland, Watson & Hillhouse reports strong interest in the MOVAX Information Management System (MIMS) at M&CCE Expo.

MIMS (MOVAX Information Management System) provides essential information about the piling process and pile installation as well as information on the MOVAX piling equipment itself.

Saving time and costs in reporting and testing, MIMS hardware comprises a remote module with GPS and 3G antennas, cabling and connectors and a mounting kit. The system recognizes and collects data from specific equipment via the dedicated excavator module and then sends it to the MOVAX mCLOUD data storage. mLOGBOOK reports the data using parameters identified and added by the user, including verticality and penetration rate via a pile driver report, and the load bearing capacity of individual pile or pile sets via a piling hammer report.

The  data-management suite mFLEET wraps the MOVAX piling equipment data to give easy access to basic operational information including GPS location, service hours, rpms/frequencies, pressure etc. More detailed analysis and diagnostics can be accessed via a variety of reports making it possible to predict maintenance requirements, and analyse and even solve unexpected problems remotely.

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